Modern Concepts, Competitive Pricing

The goal of our outsourcing concept is the establishment of a stable cooperation based on partnership. Besides the qualitative requirements and adherence to delivery dates, Quasaar focuses on efficient processes and innovative techniques. This guarantees a constant improvement potential of the established methods and procedures as well as cost optimization.

We attach great importance to modern outsourcing management. Quasaar offers a concept tailored to every customer situation that makes superior technologies as fast as possible available for the regulated environment. We use the concept of "lean management" to establish our work processes. The process and result documentation is carried out successively in paperless form. This individually tailored service also integrates a customer-oriented price strategy, based on differentiated hourly rates. The flexibility of a medium-sized start-up, the quality know-how, over 15 years of GMP experience at an international level and an open communication culture create a good perspective on cost minimization and reduction of operating expenses.


The operational fields of Quasaar are:


1. State-of-the-art GMP analysis and quality control

2. Stability and aging studies in all dimensions

3. Implementation and concepts technology transfer

4. Product optimization & product rescue


Quasaar is your partner in the analysis of sophisticated molecules, analytes and dosage forms with state-of-the-art technologies; In addition to the classic "small molecules" and "solids", we also include:

·         Special dosage forms (eg implants, TTS, mucoadhesive formulations, stents, depot drugs, nano- and micro-suspensions, etc.)


  •         Small biologics and molecules that play a role in all types of biotechnological processes
  •         Devices with our experience in the establishment and qualification of technologies
  •         But also raw materials and auxiliaries where high-quality and reproducible analytics are required.


We offer scalable and efficient solutions for our customers:

  • Seamless transfer of customer methods and technologies to our laboratories and back
  • Large and flexibly expandable stability storage for all requirements (eg large volume parentaralia, veterinary drugs, raw materials (bags, drums, IBCs, medical products, etc.))
  • Rapid provision of analysis capacities according to customer needs, on-site presence and training of the employees at the customer, technical logistics and lab space     
  • Our GMP-certified QA system ensures the seamless integration of all documents, results and raw data into the GMP systems of our customers.


Product optimization and product rescue

We generate a specific "added value" from our in-depth understanding and know-how for product optimization and improvement up to product rescue.

For this purpose, we perform meta-analyzes of the available quality data or generate the required data with specific study designs.

Including the formulation experts (MJR-PharmJet) at Campus Überherrrn, we offer conventional or special, especially particulate systems, approaches to compensate product problems. (For details see “Our Expertise”)


Outsourcing concept

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Competitive Pricing

Quasaar offers individually tailored service and a customer-oriented pricing strategy based on a differentiated hourly rate concept.


Separate hourly rates for:

- Personnel

- general operating costs

- Device classes

- Training & Consulting


Stability costs:

- Cost per unit volume 10 L

- Initial storage costs at cost



Differentiation regarding different personnel and device binding as well as technical complexity possible.

Favorable volume-cost ratio due to large-volume chambers, storage of large containers and bulk goods, RFID technology usable.