Headquarter Überherrn!


Quasaar offers development and optimization projects for conventional and particulate systems and product formulations with its partners in Überherrn. Often this involves the improvement of existing or intermediate product formulations. All standard manufacturing techniques are available and access to very small batches (down to batch size 1) of the optimized product is possible.

The combination of the wealth of experience of Quasaar and the other partners at the Überherrn location often enables the rescue of existing problem products, new product ideas or stagnating product developments. 

We tailor the building blocks of our development and optimization work (E & O) precisely to the processes and needs of our customers. The subsequent transfer of the optimized product into a regulated GMP environment is ensured! 

Close cooperations and a scientific exchange exist, i.a. to the following partners:

APV-Working Group for Pharmaceutical Process Engineering, GMP-Consultant, Synnovating GmbH, HTW Saarland, Saarland University, HIPS Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland, Mecadi GmbH, Fraunhofer IBMT, NanoBioNet, Nanopharm Netztwerk.



External Network

Microbiological Investigations: MikroBiologie Krämer

Synthetic Chemistry: Endotherm

Permeation measurements, polymers: Mecadi

Lean Management / Process Optimization: Synnovating GmbH