Quality Control

The service profile of Quasaar GmbH primarily includes the quality control of: pharmaceuticals (human and veterinary), active ingredients, raw materials and excipients.

Hereby the effectiveness and safety of the product for the protection of the patient or user is the prioritized goal.

For this purpose, mainly the latest analytical techniques are used, which for efficiency reasons have a high degree of automation. This is complemented by an extensive quality assurance system to ensure GMP compliance.

- HPLC / UPLC, detectors: UV-VIS, PDA, fluorescence, light scattering (Corona)

- drug release, paddle & basket, special techniques, special dosage forms, automated systems

- GC / GC-HS (residual solvent, automatic derivatization)

- spectroscopy (UV, IR, fluorescence)

- Pharmacopoeia methods (EP, USP, ChP, ...)

- Water determination, volumetric / coulometric, oven method

- Pharmaceutical techn. Methods: decay, breaking strength, friability, appearance, etc.

- Standard methods: pH, osmolarity, polarimetry, refractive index, XRPD, leak test, content uniformity

- titrations

- TOC, TIC determinations

- Methods for chemical methods

- particle size, particle contamination

- Material-specific functional tests

- Leak tests, permeation measurements, packing materials

- Microbiological investigations (with GMP / FDA qualified partner: MikroBiologie Krämer)