Expansion of the Stability Center

Expansion Stability Center

Further climates have now been established in the stability center Quasaar:

- Climatic chamber for stress conditions 50-60°C, up to 65% rh (30 m³)

- Option for alternating stress storage -20°C or 5°C to 50-60°C.

In June 2022, the establishment and qualification of a climate chamber 25°C/ 60% rh and 30°C/ 75% rh -Climate chamber was closed (capacity 80 m³ each).

Furthermore, the climates are now 25°C/40% rh, 40°C/25% rh are now accessible

and various systems for performing non-ICH stress conditions.

From now on, tests on photostability (light stress) according to ICH can also be carried out